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Pilates is a form of exercise which focuses on balancing the body through core strength and flexibility. Pilates teaches proper posture, balance, and stabilization of musculature to improve movement, prevent injury, and lower stress.

Pilates mat mixed level: This class focuses on basic Pilates principles, proper form, and breathing technique. The class uses small props, such as the magic circle, exercise balls, and bands to challenge you. Mixed level mat Pilates is for everyone and all exercises can be modified to suit individual needs. (55 minutes)

Pilates reformer: This Pilates equipment class uses spring resistance to challenge or assist your body through Pilates exercises. The Reformer focuses on core stabilization with fluid movement. Some experience with Pilates equipment is recommended, but not required. These classes are a mix of level 1-2 (beginner/intermediate) and level 2-3 (intermediate/advanced). For level 2-3, prior experience is mandatory. (55 minutes)

Jumpboard: The jumpboard is an attachment that converts the Pilates reformer to a horizontal jumping machine. Using the jumpboard is low-impact and easier on your joints, allows for a great cardio workout with calorie burning exercises, strengthens your legs and core, and allows you to perfect your jumping form while floating through the air. (45 minutes)


Barre is a full-body workout that uses a blend of ballet-inspired conditioning exercises, Pilates, and flexibility training to sculpt lean athletic muscles through high-reps and controlled movement. This highly efficient mind-body workout allows you to control intensity, increase energy, improve posture and grace – perfect for all abilities. A great way to get strong while reducing stress. (45 minutes)


Yoga is the spiritual practice of opening your mind and body through breathing, meditation, poses, and movement to find mental clarity, balance, and relaxation. There are many types of yoga appropriate for everyone.

Yoga Vinyasa: This is a yoga class for every-body: an all-levels Vinyasa flow class that connects the breath to the movement, to strengthen, stretch, align and improve balance. Each class ends with a time to rest in meditation to help improve focus and concentration. (55 minutes)

Yoga for Athletes: This class will focus on muscular balance (strength and flexibility), core strength and the mind/body connection that takes athletes to the next level. We can accommodate athletes in mid, pre- or post-seasons. If you play a sport, for leisure or competitively, yoga could be your missing link.

Chair Yoga: A gentle yoga option for those with limited mobility and/or trouble getting on and off the floor.