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Barre Demo Join us for this FREE opportunity to experience a popular, low-impact, cross-training exercise! Barre is a full-body workout that uses a blend of ballet-inspired conditioning exercises, Pilates, and flexibility training to sculpt lean athletic muscles through high-reps and controlled movement. This highly efficient mind-body workout allows you to control intensity, increase energy, improve posture and grace – perfect for all abilities. A great way to get strong while reducing stress. Register on MINDBODY or call. April 8, 2018 – 9am & 9:30am Sessions FREE
Health Assessment with Carroll Hospital Community Health Navigator, Barb Walsh, will be here to perform a cursory review of a person’s diet/eating habits. She will be providing basic suggestions for areas to begin making healthy changes. This is free workshop. Register on MINDBODY or call. April 10, 2018
Carroll Hospital
Women's Wellness Day Retreat Come spend the day with us! Treat yourself to 4 sessions of mind-body connection through yoga, Pilates and mindfulness workshops. Finish the day with lunch and a discussion on healthy eating habits. Register on MINDBODY for this all-inclusive day! Space is limited. April 14, 2018 – 10:00am-1:30pm $60 per person
Essential Oils – Make and Take – Healthy Spring Cleaning Join Laurel for the February essential oils workshop. Come learn about the benefits of using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils to make your own products. All supplies provided to make a product to take home with you. April 21, 2018 – 10:00-11:00am $10 per person

We are always updating our workshop schedule to suit the needs of the community. Please check back, email us (wellness@coreconceptspt.com), or like our Facebook page for updates.

Past Workshops

Workshop Description Date/Time Cost
Chair Yoga Gentle option for those with limited mobility and/or trouble getting on and off the floor. n/a n/a
Gait Analysis Clinic for Runners •Static and dynamic assessment of your mechanics.
•Video analysis of your running form
•Injury prevention tips
n/a n/a
Intro to Reformer Learn all about the Pilates Reformer in this FREE 30-minute introduction session. n/a n/a
Love Your Skin Your skin is the largest organ on your body; it protects, heals, endures and regenerates each day. Without healthy skin we become vulnerable to harmful free radicals, vitamin deficiencies, nasty microbes and all kinds of bacteria and viruses. So how do you protect and keep your skin healthy? Join us to hear all about the best tips, tricks and products to achieving your best skin yet! n/a n/a
Mindfulness and the Law of Attraction Join Julie Cassaday, Life Coach and Owner of Tanglewood Life Coaching, in a 4-session workshop to discover how aligning your thoughts and desires can change your outlook on life. n/a n/a
Partner Yoga Join Laurel for a special yoga session intended to help you connect with a loved one! No prior yoga experience necessary. n/a n/a
Pilates for Runners Series Learn how Pilates can help your breathing, coordination, balance, strength, efficiency and endurance to improve your running. n/a n/a
Strength After Breast Cancer This 4-week program will guide you through to do’s and don’ts after breast cancer treatments. Regain the strength you have lost in a safe and effective manner! This program is for cancer survivors only. n/a n/a
Take Back Your Health Join Danielle Hively, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, for a FREE wellness workshop. Don’t be overwhelmed by diets, food labels, articles, and opinions of others. Learn from the expert how to easily improve your habits towards a healthier lifestyle! n/a n/a
WHOLE30 This FREE information session will explain what WHOLE30 is and why you need to sign up! For 30 days you will learn how to detox from common inflammatory foods, explore and try new recipes, increase your energy, crush cravings, boost your metabolism and improve your overall health. Did I mention weight loss is a common side effect? n/a n/a.
Yoga for Runners Do you run competitively or just for fun? Yoga may be the perfect complement to your training! Do you have tight hamstrings or hip flexors? Have injuries slowed you down? Learn stretches, breathing techniques and strengthening poses to bring muscular balance and reduce your risk of injury. n/a n/a

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Intro To Yoga Workshop Introduction to Pilates Intro to Pilates Reformer Gait Assessment Clinic Fall Prevention Day - 9/22 Free Yoga - 9/29